Rockwood Landscape Company Describes the Benefits of Having Water Features In Your Yard MN

Apr 13, 2020 | Press Advantage

Alexandria landscape specialists, Rockwood Landscape Company, are one of the area’s leaders when it comes to installing water features in a yard. They claim that anytime a customer adds a water feature to their landscaping, it brings with it many benefits. That’s why water features are fast becoming a focal point in many landscapes in Alexandria and the surrounding Minnesota areas.

Company owner/operator Mike Hvezda had this to say about backyard water features, “There is absolutely no way that you can make your yard more unique than you can by adding water features to your landscaping. That’s because no two of them ever turn out looking the same. This is true even with garden ponds and streams whose foundations are built from a kit. You can still place different plants, decorative rocks, and other accents around them that make them uniquely your own creation. That’s why our company takes so much pleasure in creating and building water features for our customers’ landscapes. When we install them, we feel more like artists than we do ordinary landscape professionals. Even something as simple as a small stream or fountain setup can change the entire look and feel of someone’s landscape. It’s the closest most people will ever come to having their own backyard oasis.”

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The company owner also says that the benefits of adding water features to a yard go way beyond just creating a unique look. One of them is the calm and tranquil atmosphere that water features bring to any landscape. Trickling and slowly moving water has long been thought of throughout history as a medium that promotes stress relief and spiritual healing. He stated that water features with moving water can even help eliminate noise pollution as the gently flowing water eliminates most background noise. When homeowners add decks or sitting areas close to or among water features, Hvezda says it creates a place for them to relax and unwind. Water features can also attract wildlife, help yards that have drainage problems, and provide an ideal background for areas around a home where people like to entertain family and friends. The company owner says that landscaping water features can even enhance the prospect of a home selling when it’s put up for sale.

He also mentioned that the size and scope of the water feature project can add to someone’s overall landscaping by utlizing free yard space and a homeowner’s imagination. He says they can custom build any type of pondless waterfall, stream, garden pond or fountain area that any customer asks to have done for them. They are also experts at combining two or more of these types of water features into an even more elaborate landscape setting.

According to the owner, Rockwood Landscape Company does much more than just install custom water features for their customers. They are experts when it comes to transforming ordinary landscapes into something that makes a home stand out from those around it. The type of landscaping work that they perform includes the installation paver and flagstone patios and walkways. Hvezda says they also are very good at building retaining walls and adding steps and stairs to any landscape. He mentioned that they can even design custom fire pits and outdoor fireplaces for their clients.

The companies landscaping services are also highly thought of by those they have done work for. Here is an example of that in a 5-star review from Mandy Brower that says, “Have already had people stopping by and asking about our landscaping! I was very happy with the communication, timeline, plan and the professionalism of Mike and his crew. Mike was also very accommodating to my changing plans and made suggestions that worked better. I look forward to having them complete more work in the future.”

The company’s service area extends out to a 45-mile radius around the city of Alexandria, MN. For those that want to learn more about Rockwood Landscape Company, Hvezda invites them to call their office, send them an email or fill out the quick callback form found on the company’s ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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