Rockford Landscape Company is an Alexandria, Minnesota service provider that specializes in creating unique outdoor landscaping features. Among those are the outdoor kitchen spaces that they design and build. They are a great alternative to cooking inside a stuffy and cramped kitchen and will also help improve the looks of any landscape setting that they are added to. That’s why they are fast becoming one of the most sought-after projects that Rockford Landscape Company is asked to do.

Company founder and president, Mike Hvezda, had this to say about why outdoor kitchens are becoming so popular, “We have seen a big trend lately with homeowners wanting to add more unique features into their landscaping. Part of that trend has been installing outdoor kitchens. The reason for that is they not only look great but they also can double as a low-cost entertainment area. Outdoor kitchens incorporate very easily into any type of landscape setting too. It’s an area of landscaping that we love doing because of how different each outdoor kitchen setting looks after we are done building it. We get a lot of satisfaction when we stand back and look at the finished product because we know how much use and enjoyment that homeowner will get from their new custom outdoor kitchen.”

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According to Hvezda, Rockwood Landscape Company – Outdoor Kitchens offer so many benefits to those that add them to their landscapes. One of those benefits comes from the outdoor kitchens are designed to be more open; it makes it much easier to prepare meals than in most indoor kitchens. He says outdoor kitchens also tend to promote healthier eating because the majority of the time cooking involves grilling. The company owner also mentioned that no smoke or odors build up in an outdoor kitchen like they sometimes do in regular home kitchens. Outdoor kitchens can also be designed to fit in both large and small free yard spaces. Hvezda added that if an outdoor kitchen is properly designed and decorated, it can even add to a home’s value.

One of the other landscape additions that this company is well-known for are the water features that they design and build. Hvezda says water features can help turn anyone’s backyard into their own personal tranquil and relaxing oasis. The company does this by adding such water features as garden ponds, waterfalls, streams, and elaborate fountain setups to a customer’s landscape. The company owner says they can even incorporate multiple water features into a landscape setting to create even more of a unique look. He added that water features also make the perfect backdrop for the outdoor kitchen and entertainment areas that the company helps to build.

Hvezda says Rockwood Landscape Company does other types of custom landscape projects too. Hvezda mentioned that the paver and flagstone patios and walkways that they install have also become a favorite of those that they do landscaping work for. They also build steps and stairs into landscapes and are very creative when it comes to building outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

According to the reviews that are left on the company, those who they do landscaping work for think very favorably of their services. Here is an example of that in a 5-star review from Myron Sahlberg that says, “Mike and his crew did an excellent job – above our expectations and stayed within budget. He was professional, very exacting, and very thorough. We have a product in our landscaping that will remain solid, functional and beautiful for decades to come.”

Rockwood Landscape Company serves a very wide area around Alexandria, Minnesota. Hvezda says they are more than happy to help meet the landscaping needs of those that live within 45 miles of their Alexandria office. He says that they are also a very unique company because they offer a 5-year warranty on all of the landscaping projects that they take on. For those that want to check out Rockwood Landscape Company, or see some actual examples of their work, they can refer to the company’s informational website for this and much more.


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