Rockwood Landscape Company is an Alexandria, Minnesota based company that specializes in doing work that enhances the looks of people’s lawns and stabilizes the soil in their yards. One of the most popular types of work that the company does is building retaining walls. When it comes to helping their customers make landscaping decisions, they often point out to those customers the many benefits that they will get by choosing to build retaining walls.

Company owner, Mike Hvezda, had this to say about the benefits of retaining walls, “There are few landscaping features that offer as many benefits as retaining walls do. We enjoy building them because each one poses new challenges and no two are ever the same. That makes building retaining walls as much of an art form to us as well as being a necessary landscaping feature. Over the years, retaining walls have been traditionally used as a means of soil control to minimize the serious risk that erosion presents but there are many more benefits to having them besides just that.”

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He added that some of the other ways that people benefit from building retaining walls include helping properly channel into areas of a yard where it will not puddle. Hvezda says that many people will also have them constructed so they can create more usable space in their yard. This is often done on landscapes that are hilly and uneven. The company owner even mentioned that some retaining walls can give a homeowner an enhanced sense of privacy. He says people even use them to protect the foundation of their home and to help protect other landscaping features in their yard too.

Hvezda also wanted people to note that their quality retaining walls come in many different types and styles. That makes them one of the most versatile landscaping features as far as looks and adaptability. He said that the most commonly used ones are built out of either natural stone connected by mortar or out of interlocking concrete blocks. Those that want a retaining wall that blends in with the surrounding landscape generally prefer to use natural stone and the interlocking blocks work well for a stand-alone landscape feature. The types of stone used in natural retaining walls include Granite, Limestone, and Sandstone. Hvezda says that retaining walls are also an appealing landscaping choice for their customers because of how low maintenance they are. He mentioned that once they are built, they require virtually no maintenance for many years.

He stated that retaining walls are just one of the many different landscaping tasks that the company does for its customers in Alexandria and the surrounding areas. He says that they are often requested to construct driveways, steps, patios, and walkways out of natural stone or pavers. Rockwood Landscape Company has a solid reputation when it comes to building streams, waterfalls, ponds, and other yard water features too. People also choose them for the reputation they have established for building highly creative and unique outdoor fire pits and fireplaces.

The company’s services are also highly thought of by those that have used them. Jeff Mork had this to say about the work that was provided to him by Rockwood Landscape Company, “Mike and his crew at Rockwood Landscape did a great job on our paver sidewalk and landscaping around our Lake Osakis cabin. Their attention to detail and experience definitely stood out, during the whole process. I would definitely recommend them for any type of landscaping project.”

Hvezda says that they always welcome inquiries about their landscaping services by phone, email or by filling out the appointment and free estimate form found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website. The website also goes into more detail on the services that the company offers and has many informational blog posts. That’s why the company owner invites people to visit the Facebook Page of Rockwood Landscape Company and other online properties.


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